"The overall development pipeline structure of NeoImmuneTech."

The composition of the T cell-centered pipeline.
NT10 (NT-I7) is a T Cell Amplifier designed to enhance T cell responses and is being developed for the treatment of cancer and various immune-related diseases.

NT20 is being developed as a T Cell Activator that stimulates T cells by targeting specific components within them.

NT30 is a T Cell Engager that facilitates the connection between T cells and target cancer cells, enabling T cells to effectively attack and eliminate cancer cells. By leveraging our self-developed NEOBASE platform, we aim to develop products that surpass the capabilities of conventional T cell engagers.

NT40 is an advanced CAR-T therapy under development, specifically designed to overcome the challenges posed by the tumor microenvironment in solid cancers, which can impede the effectiveness of existing CAR-T therapies.

NT50, known as the TME Modifier aims to modify the tumor microenvironment (TME). By altering the TME, we intend to create an environment that enables T cells, crucial players in anti-cancer immunity, to exert a stronger and more effective anti-cancer response within the tumor.
R&D Pipeline
Project Pipeline Indication Development Status
DISCOVERY Preclinical Clinical
NT2020 T cell Activator
NT3020 T cell Engager
Solid tumors
NT4010 Advanced CAR-T Solid tumors
NT5010 TME Modifier
(eTreg depletor)
Solid tumors