Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

NIT-02 is a combination of BVAC-C (antigen presenting cells; T cell generator) and Hyleukin (hyFc-fused IL-7; T cell booster) that is the best treatment to treat HPV- derived cancers, mainly cervical cancer and head & neck cancer in which these cancers are derived from HPV 16/18 type infection. BVAC-C generates strong and broad tumor-specific T cells whereas Hyleukin enhances functionality of T cells generated by BVAC-C to express strong anti-tumor effect.


The indication of NIT-03 is HPV Persistent Infection which currently has no Standard of Care. NIT’s proprietary product, Hyleukin, enhances the expansion and function of T cells in chronic infection, and has efficient mucosal delivery by FcRn-dependent mechanism in animal experiments.

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