The indication of NIT-01 is lymphopenia which currently has no Standard of Care. NIT’s proprietary product, Hyleukin, works with immune system by reconstituting the system and increasing the population of T cells to increase the overall survival and reduce relapse in cancer patients.

1) What is Lymphopenia?

2) Composition of Lymphocytes Hyleukin specifically acts in T cell population
T lymphocytes are critical to the immune system's ability to detect and kill cancer cells. However, the immune system is unable to kill cancer cells when T cells are deficient in number (Lymphopenia) or unable to function properly, or fail to recognize cancer as foreign to the body.

3) Grades of Lymphopenia

4) Majority of cancer patients​​ have lymphopenia and are associated with:

  • 1. Increase of Opportunistic infection such as RSV, CMV, EBV, JC virus and PCP
  • 2. Low response rate for chemotherapy and high relapse rate
  • 3. Low response rate for immunotherapy
  • 4. Increase of Hematological toxicity secondary to chemotherapy

5) NO Commercialized Drug for Lymphopenia

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