Board of Directors

Sehwan Yang, Ph.D - CEO
  • Experience in diverse field such as R&D, BD, finance, operations etc. in a growth company
  • Head of Development division, Genexine, Inc.
  • Head of R&D Center, Genexine, Inc.
  • Research fellow, Pasteur Institute
Richard Kang, Ph.D - COO
  • Experience in Management, Operation, R&D, Clinical Development and Business Development in Bio/Pharma companies
  • CEO of JK BioPharma Solutions, Inc
  • Former visiting fellow, NIH
  • Research staff in the University of Edinburgh, UK
Junghee Lim - CFO
  • Experience in Biotech venture investment
  • CIO of Intervest global pharmafund
  • Head of Strategic planning, IsuAbxis, Inc.
Jae Chan Park, Ph.D
  • Currently Executive Vice President, Head of Business Division, Genexine
  • Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Bio R&D Center, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology(SAIT), Samsung Electronics, Korea (1998-2014)
  • Director, Hanhyo Institute of Technology, Korea (1994 –1997)
  • Senior Research Investigator, G. D. Searle , USA (1991 –1994)
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