As an immuno-oncology agent purpose-designed to reconstitute and enhance anti-tumoral T cell immunity, IL-7-hyFc (NT-I7; Hyleukin) consists of an optimally engineered homodimeric Interleukin-7 (IL-7) molecules, biologically fused with the proprietary long-acting platform - hyFc™ derived from human IgD and IgG1. NeoImmuneTech, Inc. (NIT) is committed to prove the targeted potential of NT-I7 to improve the clinical response and survival of cancer patients (as a combination therapy), treat/prevent lymphopenia (as a monotherapy) and HPV-induced diseases(as a mono/combo therapy).

N-term engineering of rhIL-7 has fundamentally resolved the poor structural stability and low productivity that rhIL-7 had as intrinsic technical barriers to commercialization. In addition, hyFc™ fusion is an optimal platform to substantially enhance the pharmacokinetic(PK) & pharmacodynamic(PD) responses of rhIL-7 without safety concern as a non-cytolytic and non-immunogenic silent carrier.

IL-7-hyFc has superior therapeutic potential to the previous rhIL-7 product.

  • Longer-acting PK/PD profile
  • Stronger T cell boosting and anti-tumor activity (optimal activity of IL-7 requires prolonged signaling )1)
  • Higher stability and productivity (rhIL-7 is unstable and has low productivity)
1) Blood, 121: 4484 (2013)

As a homeostatic cytokine essential for T cell homeostasis, IL-7 is known to be a critical factor for T cell production, maturation, expansion, trafficking, functioning and survival, ultimately inducing persistent and long-lasting anti-tumor T cell response, as it controls thymopoiesis and peripheral homeostasis.

Results of in vivo animal studies demonstrated the proof of concept of the novel molecular design.

  • Association with an IgG Fc improves in vivo mitogenic effect of IL-7 on CD8+ T cells
  • IL-7 fused with non-cytolytic Fc shows enhanced efficacy as a therapeutic vaccine adjuvant