• hyFc™ is a platform technology to construct a long-acting fusion partner hybridized with IgD(hinge-CH2) and IgG4(CH2-CH3), as a non-cytolytic and non-immunogenic carrier
  • hyFc™ increases half-life, minimizes the loss of bioactivity of drug candidates, and prevents cell killing effect by ADCC and CDC reactions.
  • hyFc™ is the next generation immunoglobulin-based, half-life extension technology
    • More than 10 pipelines using hyFc™ technology that are currently undergoing preclinical and clinical (Ph1 and Ph2) studies
    • 3 phase II ongoing clinical trials of the best-in-class candidates (hGH-hyFc, EPO-hyFc, G-CSF-hyFc) by Genexine, Inc., the platform owner
    • > 500 subjects in the clinical trials of hyFc™ products have not experienced any serious adverse event
    • According to an in silico analysis, hyFc™ sequences did not include any immunogenic epitope