NeoImmuneTech, Inc. (NIT) aims at developing NT-I7 as breakthrough “enabling” cancer immunotherapeutics, which may substantially enhance the efficacy of the conventional cancer treatments and/or state-of-the-art novel immunotherapies harnessing T cell immunity including chemo/radiotherapy, immune checkpoint inhibitors, cancer vaccines, etc.

The mode of action of NT-I7 effectively overlaps with the cancer immunity cycles especially at the sites of antigen presentation and tumor microenvironment. Therefore, NT-I7 could make a complementary or synergetic combination with various cancer treatments targeting a specific immunity cycle or mechanism including novel immunotherapeutics.

Combination Strategy of NT-I7

  • Interplay between chemotherapy and pre-existing antitumor CD4+ T cell responses is crucial to improve patient survival
  • Chemotherapy(cyclophosphamide) restores activated polyfunctional CD4+ effector T cells with increased IL-7R (CD127)
    → IL-7 treatment in combination with chemotherapy may induce optimal anti-tumor response